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Freemasons and Charity

Freemasons are encouraged to be charitable but only within their own means therefore there is no pressure whatsoever and giving, although an important part of Freemasonry, is optional.

During the last ten years freemasonry has donated Millions  of Pounds to Charitable causes .... Both in this country and abroad.

Nationally large donations are made for disaster relief aid and regular donations are made to many charities including Cancer research, Alzheimer's research. Locally donations are made to charities in the Coventry and district area.

Freemasons' Grand Charity

The Freemasons' Grand Charity was established in 1980, to continue a tradition of charitable support for vulnerable people that began in the very earliest days of organised Freemasonry. The activities of the Charity are funded by donations from Freemasons who are members of Lodges under the United Grand Lodge of England(UGLE).

During its first thirty years The Freemasons' Grand Charity gave grants totalling over £120 million, helping thousands of individuals and hundreds of charities.

A short introduction to Freemasonry

Freemasonry is one of the world's oldest secular fraternal organisations and comprises a society of men concerned with  moral and spiritual values. For many years Freemasons have followed three guiding principles, which they believe represent a way to achieve higher standards in life:

  • Brotherly Love: The qualities of kindness, understanding, tolerance and respect for the opinions of others
  • Relief: Charitable giving and activities to assist the welfare of Freemasons and the community as a whole
  • Truth: Aiming for a high moral standard

 Grants to Charities

In 1981, the first non-Masonic grant of £250,000 was awarded to the Royal Association for Disability and Rehabilitation (RADAR) to help implement a project to improve the assessment and treatment of people suffering from a severe speech impediment.  During the same year, the power of the President to approve an emergency grant for disaster relief was exercised for the first time following the Penlee Lifeboat tragedy. 

 Hundreds of national charities have benefited from the assistance of The Freemasons' Grand Charity.  In total, over  £100 million has been donated to charities of all sizes.  This includes £10.5 million for Hospice services as part of a special programme of support that began in 1984 and over £2.4 million for emergency disaster relief work worldwide. Amongst the values of Freemasonry are integrity, kindness and fairness. Caring for the community and raising money for charitable causes is important to us.

Below are a tiny sample of causes to which our donations have been put over the past few years.

The Freemasons' Grand Charity made an emergency grant of £50,000 to the International Red Cross following Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, with a further £185,000 sent to PLAN UK.
Since 1981, more than £2 million has been given to aid various disaster relief efforts - saving those most at need in
their darkest hour.
Emergency grants were also made to the British Red Cross in support of flood relief in the state of Uttarakhand, India (£35,000) and the Balkans (£30,000).
Following an Emergency Grant Somerset of £20,000 to the British Red Cross to address flooding in the Somerset Levels, local Masons organised a special appeal which raised a further £175,000.

The Freemasons' Grand Charity donated over £190,000 for various Air Ambulances in 2013.
Sponsorship helps pay for staff, training, fuel and equipment. Over £1.5million has been donated since 2007.

The Freemasons' Grand Charity has given over £100,000 to the Blind Veterans UK foundation in the last 3 years.
A grant of £1,500 was made by The Freemasons’ Grand Charity to the British Ex-Services Wheelchair Sports Association (BEWSA).
Over £72,500 was donated to Help for Heroes by The Freemasons’ Grand Charity with many lodges raising additional funds.
£2,500 was donated to Fishing For Heroes who provide fly fishing courses as therapy for those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).


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