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For Warwickshire May and June was particularly busy and exciting.  On the 20th May Provincial Grand Lodge met in the great splendid of the Grand Temple of Freemason's Hall and then on 3rd June a new Lodge was consecrated; the first in Warwickshire since 2009.

The Lodge is called the Collegiate Lodge, no 9943.  The Lodge will form part of the Universities Scheme, 'a pioneering attempt by the United Grand Lodge of England Lodge of England to forge links between well placed, enthusiastic Lodges and the many students and other young people who are seeking to become involved in freemasonry but who may not know where to begin'.  This Lodge will be based in Coventry to forge links with, students, alumni and workers of Warwick University, Coventry University and Coventry colleges.

The consecration meeting took place on Saturday 3rd June, at the Scarman Conference Centre, University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7SH.  The meeting was opened at 11.30am. 

The success of the Universities Scheme has been demonstrated in many Lodges across the country and indeed as part of it the University of Birmingham Lodge, no 5628 has flourished well in the past few years.  The Collegiate Lodge aims to replicate that success and meet the Universities Scheme's objective, helping young people find Freemasonry.


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Collegiate Lodge Consecration

For Warwickshire May and June was p...


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